Holy Craft!

It’s been gloomy and raining A LOT around here lately. We could spend the time being couch potatoes catching up on on our DVR shows, but no, not us! We’d rather be crafting! What better way to brighten the gray away than by making a colorful tassel garland to hang in a spot that needs a little extra shine. This is really easy and will make any area super spec!


Trina’s Tassel Garland

How to Make a Fabric Tassel Garland

You can make the tassels any size you like. We cut our fabric rectangles around 6″X 10″.

Fold your fabric in half so the two shorter sides meet.

Make cuts in your fabric about an inch apart, stopping around 1.5″ before the fold.


Now unfold your fabric and lay it flat.

Begin to roll your fabric up.


Continue until you have a tube with fringe at each end.

As you roll, untangle the fabric fringe, and try to keep your roll as tight as possible.

Pick it up, fold it in half, and pinch the top together so the fringe ends meet and the edge of the fabric is hidden between them.

Use a fabric scrap or string to tightly secure the top of your tassel.


Make as many as you would like to have. Feed a string through each loop at the

top of the tassels and hang them somewhere you can enjoy them.


Tina’s Tassel Garland

We followed the instructions from Prudent Baby


Got 15 minutes? Got garland!

It’s time for some Holiday DIYing!
Hosting an up-coming holiday gathering?  Want a quick and easy last minute decoration to add to that one spot that never got tinseled?  Look no further.  Here’s a 15 minute holiday garland DIY. We’re guessing that you have most of the supplies lying right there in your craft room (or wherever you keep those sorts of things). To make things a little more whimsical we chose non-traditional holiday colors in all sorts of patterns for our garland but any color or pattern you choose will be perf!
scrapbook paper or gift wrap
paper cutter
clear tape
1) Cut the paper into 1 inch by 6 inch strips
2) Begin linking your strips into a chain by taping the ends of one strip together and wrapping another strip through and taping it  (Remember doing these in grade school with stiff construction paper?)
3) Hang your new festive garland wherever you need a little more holiday cheer
Happy Holidays!