A Simple Sweet Treat

We’ve made this recipe many many many times. Each time we bake Candy Bar Brownies, we are reminded how yummy yet simple they are to make. Grab a couple boxes of your favorite brownie mix. Add the ingredients on the back of the box and place bits of broken candy bars of your choice in the middle and on top. Bake and enjoy. So simple. So sweet!


The Sweetest of All

This Saturday we are hosting a little Shindig. Of course there will be yummy cocktails and delicious bites, but we are most excited to make two of our all time favorite treats. Candy Bar Brownies! And Cookie Butter Dump Cake! Let the party prepping begin!

Candy Bar Brownies Recipe

Cookie Butter Dump Cake Recipe

Fooling Our Sweeties

So April Fools Day was yesterday, we know, but we just had to share a sweet little trick that includes a very yummy treat. Our favorite dessert of all time. BROWNIES!!! All you have to do is tell someone you love that you are bringing them a brownie, but instead you so sneakily give them the letter “E” cut out of brown construction paper or written in brown marker. Gotcha! Literally, a brown “E”. Now, we would never play such a mean joke without offering the real thing so we baked up a pan of our favorite candy bar brownies. And no foolin, we were instantly forgiven.   Brown “E”s


  • 1 box of brownie mix, plus ingredients on the back
  • Chocolate candies (we’re using leftover Easter candy)


  1. Mix and bake brownies according to instructions on the back of the box.
  2. Allow brownies to cool for 10 min. Then place chocolate candies on top.
  3. Allow brownies to cool completely. Use a letter “E” cookie cutter to cut the brownies into shape. 
  4. Fool your sweeties!

Borrowed Sweets

Ever heard the phrase, “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all,”? Well take applies to our sweet cheat this Saturday….sort of. After trick or treating last night we have mounds and mounds of candy. If your kids are like ours’ they prefer the super sweet fruity types of candy. We, on the other hand, LOVE the chocolate. Good thing they won’t notice us “borrowing” their chocolatey goodies to make Candy Bar Brownies. Brownies mix+ candy bars + Saturday + sisters = the best post Halloween treat ever!

photo (20)

Candy Bar Brownies


  • 1  box of brownie mix plus ingredients on the back of the box
  • Halloween candy


Make brownies according to directions on the back of the box. Once cooled put your “borrowed” Halloween candy on top of the brownies and enjoy with your little ghosts and goblins!