A Sweet Sixth Birthday

Today is Tina’s son’s sixth birthday. He is so excited for his adventure birthday party at our favorite park. We, of course, are so excited for his birthday cake! To make things easy, Tina bought a store made cookie cake and decorated it herself. She topped it with some of son’s favorite action figures that he hand selected. Six candles were placed among the figures. It turned out to be the perfect personalized cake that took very little effort. Plus the birthday boy absolutely loved it!!! Happy birthday Bubba!!!


Sweet Birthday Wishes

It’s party central around here lately! This Saturday we are celebrating another birthday. This times it’s Lilly, Tina’s daughter, turning the big 1-3! We don’t know how this happened. Can she really be blowing out that many candles already? As with most teenages, they know what they like, so when it came time to picking out our treat this weekend we knew that what a birthday girl wants, a birthday girl gets. And this teenie bopper wants Turtle Pie Ice Cream Pie! No creating for us this week. We’re gonna sit back and celebrate.  Happy Birthday Lil! 


Birthday Sweets

Wow, time flies! How can my sweet baby boy be 5 years old? People told me it would go by fast and he wouldn’t be little for long. And not, that I didn’t believe them. I’ve already been through this with my daughter. I just didn’t think it would really happen this fast this time around. It seems like yesterday that I was cuddling my new bundle of joy. Now I can barely keep up with him. For his birthday treat today, I tried to incorporate 3 of the sweet things he loves: brownies topped with Oreos and whip cream. Simply simple, yet perfectly perfect for my simply perfect 5 year old! Happy Birthday to my big boy!

Birthday Sweets

Birthday Brownies

Birthday Brownies Recipe:
•Two boxes of your favorite brownie mix
•One package of Oreos (birthday ones are perfect for Birthday Brownies!)
•One can of whip cream

1. Make the brownies according to the recipe on the box.
2. When cool, cut brownies into squares.
3. Top each brownie with whip cream.
4. Place an Oreo on top of the whip cream.
5. Sing happy birthday.
6. Blow out candles and make a wish.
7. Enjoy!