Big Boy Room, Freestyled!

My son was ready for his big boy room and I was so excited to decorate it for him. Redecorating rooms in my home is a joyful hobby of mine. The only dilemma was I didn’t want to spend very much money. That’s when the idea of “freestyling” popped into my head. For those who aren’t avid HGTV viewers, Freestyled was a program where the designers took items already in the home and used them to redecorate a room. I decided to take on the challenge of “freestyling” my son’s bedroom and do it by spending no money.

My husband wasn’t a fan of the wall color. It was a shade of mint, perfect for a baby, but not a big boy. I mixed a few half empty cans of different shades of blue and whites and and came up with my own custom blend of Big Boy Blue. Trina kindly helped me repaint the room and I think it really changes the look of the room.  Much more masculine.

Lucky for me the big item, the bed, was given to me by my sister-in-law since her son had out grown it.  She even had a comfy mattress to hand down too.  Originally the bed frame had been one that my husband used when he was a boy which makes this piece extra special (awe). I painted the stained wood using left over black paint I had in my garage. For the bedding, I used the backside of a comforter that was once used by my daughter. It is almost brand new since she graduated to a queen bed when we moved to our new home. Based on the blue fabric, no one would even know this is girls bedding (I hope).  To finish off the bed area, I took two mismatched side tables from my guest room and placed them on either side of my son’s new bed.

I took a dresser that was mine when I was a little girl and painted it tomato red. Trina had this can of paint left over from painting a table and chairs for me (she likes to redecorate just as much as me). Trina also gave me the star knobs that were on a dresser she used when her son’s were babies.

I took a bookshelf from my daughter’s room that she wasn’t using. We have been fortunate to be given so many books from older cousins that filling this book shelf was quite easy and there are many more books to transition in over time. The baskets were from my daughter’s room. And the globe too. What a nice sister to share her things!

As for accessories, I kept many of the pictures and figurines that were already in my son’s room.  I also searched Pinterest for printables of things my son likes…super heroes, pirates, adventures, and Daddy’s favorite…baseball.  I put these in frames that I found around the house.  I made a gallery wall out of the framed prints. I can later change these out as my son’s interests change.

There you have it. My son’s big boy room, Freestyled.  (Almost…I did spend $16 on sheets since there were no twin size sheets to be found in my house and none at Trina’s house either).  Pretty good, huh?  Why not give “freestyling” a try in a room you’ve been wanting to redecorate? It has been a fun adventure to take on.

Chance's Room          chances room 2

chances room 3        Chances room