Sweet Picks

It’s not exactly fall yet, but it’s September and that means it’s time to go apple picking! There’s nothing better than hand selecting the main ingredient for this Saturday’s temptation, Apple Nachos! No cheese, no meat, no cooking at all. Just crisp, juicy apple slices covered with yummy toppings and gooey caramel and hot fudge. The options are endless and sure to satisfy everyone!

apple nachos

Apple Nachos



  • 3 apples sliced thin
  • caramel  topping
  • hot fudge topping
  • M&Ms plain and peanut
  • Heath bits
  • dark chocolate chips


Cut apples into thin slices and arrange in a circular pattern on plate. Drizzle warm caramel and hot fudge topping over the apple slices. Sprinkle with M&Ms, Heath bits, and dark chocolate chips, or add your own favorite toppings. Delish!

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